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What is mis-fuelling?

Simply put, mis-fuelling takes place when you put Unleaded Petrol into a Diesel vehicle.

This can happen as the pump nozzle on a diesel pump had a larger diameter than an Unleaded fuel nozzle, so the Unleaded fits into the filler neck of the Diesel without any problems.

It can only take the slightest distraction for anyone to make this error, and the consequences can be costly.

Misfuelling can cost the unfortunate victim anything in the region of £200 to over £3000, depending on how much damage is done to your vehicle. The worst case scenarion is that the entire fuel system needs replacing.

The worst thing you can do is attempt to drive off the forecourt once you have filled your diesel vehicle with petrol. Call out your roadside assistance and get them to tow you to a garage where you can get your tank drained. Misfuelling is not normally covered under your AA, RAC or Greenflag cover and itusually costs around £175.00 to drain your tank.

With a device such as Diesel Head you can save yourself alot of money for just a small investment.

The cost of Fuel Theft in the U.K

In  the UK, reports are indicating that the number of cases of reported fuel theft incidents is on the increase.  Unfortunately the increase in numbers has now started to affect domestic as well as commercial vehicles.

One of the reasons, if not the main reason for this increase is the cost of both petrol and diesel and the current financial climate.  People who illegally siphon fuel from cars can then either reuse it themselves or sell it at a cheaper price than filling station forecourts, pocketing the entire profit for themselves.

This underhand criminal activity has increased by over 50% since January 2009 according to figures reported by the RAC.

Fuel theft is not a new problem.  It has been around for many years going back as far as 2001, and yet only now are innovative products being made available to businesses and consumers to help tackle the problem.

With many commercial anti syphon devices sold in the UK, there has also been a requirement for anti siphon devices for cars and vans. Fortunately there is now an answer as there is a range of new devices available for diesel cars and vans. The latest device will also help prevent fuel theft from a diesel car or van and also stop the major problem of misfuelling.

Misfueling is reported to take place once every 3 and a half minutes, and with the high cost and inconvenience of a diesel engine being filled with petrol, this device will cut out expensive repair costs and vehicle downtime.

Car fuel theft will increase as long as fuel prices increase.  The devices we have seen on the market cost around  £50 – the equivalent of a tank of fuel.  Installation of an anti fuel theft device decreases the loss of fuel (and money) and downtime inconvenience. 

Protecting a car’s or van’s fuel is a wise move.