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Frequently Asked Questions

A few Frequently Asked Questions that will help you learn more about car or van Diesel Misfuelling.
Why do people mis fuel?

Due to the increase in diesel vehicles being used, it is easy for drivers who drive petrol vehicle at home to be in pilot mode at the fuel pumps and quickly pick up and enter the petrol nozzle into the tank. A diesel fuel tank has a larger nozzle than the petrol nozzle.

What happens when I put petrol in my diesel car?
Petrol will harm your car.  When petrol is added to a diesel engine the vehicle will not only stall and run poorly but you can severely damage the engine. Injectors can be ruined and the repair can be very costly.

If you misfuel, DO NOT turn on your ignition. Call a breakdown company immediately to remove your car to a safe location and drain your tank.

Is there a Solution for Diesel Misfuelling?

Yes, aide automotive ltd offer the ultimate prevention device Diesel Head.

Do people Mis fuel with the wrong fuel?

Every year about 150,000 vehicles are misfuelled. .  It has been reported that miss fuelling occurs every 3 and a half minutes.

If I put petrol into my diesel car what should I do?

If you are still at the fuel pump and know you have made a mistake, do not drive the vehicle.  You will need to call a mechanic and tow company to get the vehicle repaired.  A tank draining will be needed.

Can you put diesel in a petrol tank?

Not really as the diesel nozzle is bigger and will but up against the petrol filler neck. The average occurrence of this type of misfuelling is less than diesel misfuelling because it is more difficult.  You have to force the nozzle into the tank where it does not want to go.

How costly is a mis fuelling?

The cost of misfuelling will depend on when the mistake was realised.  If you noticed the issue right away and did not drive the vehicle, you can expect £150- £300 in repairs for draining the fuel tank and labour. There is also the cost of the fuel.  If the vehicle has been driven with the wrong fuel the repair costs can be more than £3000, depending on the damage.

Will these devices stop fuel theft?

Diesel Head is designed with a latch protector, this will reduce to near impossible any siphoning from a vehicle tank.

How do the mis fuelling devices work?

Diesel Head fit in to the filler neck, this device is engineered with a unique opening mechanism designed to the diameter of a diesel nozzle.

What warranty covers these products?
Diesel Head are warranted for 36 months from sale or until the vehicle is sold.

How Do You Install the Device?

The vehicle’s original fuel filler cap will need to be removed, and detached from the car.  Then you will thread the valve section of the device into the fuel tank until it is snug.  The new fuel filler cap will replace the old one.

Do You Need Tools to Fit the Device?

No, all is supplied. A specialist fitting service may need to be used for insurance requirements.

Will these devices fit my vehicle?

These devices are designed to fit all types of vehicle; fitting guides can be supplied upon request.

Do you offer a device for vans?

Yes, these misfuelling prevention devices will fit vans and other commercial vehicles.

Can the theses mis fuelling prevention devices be removed?

Diesel Head is not easily removed, as this is an anti theft deterrent device the Diesel Head can be removed by a garage facility only, but you will not find it necessary.  It is easier to purchase a new device if you sell your vehicle.

Can preventing misfuelling help the environment?

Yes, diesel and petrol mixed creates a hazardous material, which can affect the environment if it is not disposed of properly.

How much do these mis fuelling devices cost?

Diesel Head is priced at £32.95 + VAT.