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Diesel Head

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Diesel Head is easily and securely fitted to your fuel tank inlet, you will never accidentally mis fuel and pump petrol into your diesel tank.


The strength of the Diesel Head anti-misfuel device is its simplicity and one size fits almost all!


Motorists are wasting millions of pounds due to misfuelling, costing millions per year mis fuelling results in the sequence of the wrong fuel being flushed out, recovery, any work that has to be performed to correct any damage to the vehicle, the cost of components and finally, re-fuelling the vehicle.


Diesel Head in it’s simplicity is a machined precision device, made of the finest materials and designed to clamp firmly to the filler point/inlet of your diesel tank.


Fit a Diesel Head to prevent you putting petrol in your diesel car. Say goodbye to the cost of repairs and the consequences of disruption to your plans.


A full fuel tank now costs well over £50. That’s expensive and so worth safeguarding. Should your vehicle not have a secure flap that can only be opened from inside the vehicle cabin or via your fob, you should consider the lockable Diesel Head. Designed to deter even the most determined of fuel thieves, the substantial nature and quality of the lockable Diesel Head is obvious, from easy installation to inserting the key to activate the smooth mechanism to unlock and prepare to fill with diesel. Robust and secure, the lockable Diesel Head is the key to protecting your fuel.


Some useful points about Misfueling


Why don’t people put diesel in petrol tanks?

Diesel misfuelling is easily done. An unleaded pump nozzle is smaller in diameter than a diesel nozzle and so fits the tank filler neck without resistance. However, the reverse does not apply as the diesel nozzle simply will not fit in the filler of an unleaded petrol tank.


Misfuelling – Battle of the Sexes!

Research by recovery firm Green Flag actually shows men are more likely to misfuel than women but, whichever sex is in the dock, be prepared to dig deep to get it fixed. If, having misfuelled, you don’t start the engine, you may get away with just having the tank drained. AA Fuel Assist will do this for £176.50. However, if you have turned on the ignition, the sky may be the limit as your engine and fuel sytem grind to a halt, and you have to factor in the cost of properly licensed disposal of the contaminated fuel. The AA alone disposes of around 20,000 litres a week.


Will running petrol through my engine damage it?

Diesel lubricates the engine. Petrol is a solvent and quickly removes any protection. Expensive, high-pressure fuel pumps can be stripped and metal pieces blasted throughout the system. Having to replace an engine is rare, but renewing the fuel system and injectors typically costs around £3,000.